We believe that every social endeavor should focus on improving the lives of all local people. We want to create jobs locally. So we have developed a workspace which fits into a shipping container. Inside there are machines specifically designed to create our cooking stove without even the need of electricity.

Impact-Businesses is the most sustainable approach to help people out of the poverty-trap. With our micro-facilities we can support local communities around the planet and enable those who need it the most to transform a problem into an opportunity.

How does it work?

We provide fully equipped workspaces inside a 20’ container, a so called micro-facility.

By developing these to a global solution, we have to face many barriers. One of the most obvious is the language barrier. We jump over it by training a small group of local trainers, who became professional metal workers. Trained by our certified Trainers and volunteers from Austria. Those local Trainers can give their new knowledge to everyone in the community and spread their learned skills.