Our wood-saving stove combines cultural traditions with modern technology. The stove can be integrated in the local workshops product range or built in container workspaces.

The use of our wood-saving stove is more efficient and many times less polluting than cooking on the 3-stone fire (a small campfire between  stones that serve as support for a cooking pan or pot). In addition, smoking is avoided during cooking. Up to 60% fuel can be saved by using our stove, which greatly relieves the family budget. Our stove can be heated with dry biomass, which is cheaper than gas and coal. It is often freely available therefore it can be collected and does not need to be purchased. Read more about CarbonCoin.

Tech specification
  • affordable for everyone through Carbon Coin
  • locally produced
  • 60% fuel reduction
  • 70% less smoke
  • Multifuel gasifier