Every day nearly 3 billion people are suffering because they have no access to affordable clean fuels. The resulting indoor-air pollution kills prematurely 3.800.000 people annually according to WHO. At the same time, those families must spend 30% of their income just for cooking-fuel, which forces them into the poverty-trap.

We want to change that. That’s why we started Semina and designed a mobile workshop with machines, everyone can build, to fight indoor-air pollution with an super-efficient stove – the heart of every home.


Our technologies address the health and environmental challenges of smoky open-fire cooking.

  • Affordable finance model – Carbon coin

Through our unique financing model carbon coin, even the poorest which are not able to buy a wood-saving cooking stove yet, can afford a modern, high-end product. A product that improves their health and relieves their income.

  • Circular-Supply-Chain

We built an end-to-end process that enables us to bring our technologies to scale. From designing the product to after sales and long term service, we are involved in every step and our customers became their producers.

  • Clean Technology

Our team of engineers and designers work from first principles to develop technologies that radically transform energy and give access to clean energy to everyone.

  • Local Manufacturing

Throughout an ethical sourced supply chain, we leverage local manufacturing to produce products at an affordable price.

  • Local work and fair loan

Together with our local project partners we create fair payed jobs and support our local workers with applied metal works training.

Our Stove

CO2 reduction
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About us

The Semina Project was founded on the idea, that if we want to fight climate change, we have to revolutionize an entire value chain, from product development to manufacturing, from sales to marketing and support. This Idea is based on that access and knowledge to new technologies is best transferred, when we develop small local workshops with the capacity to support communities and solve energy problems.




Michael Keinrath
Team & Technical Lead

Simon Brockmeier
Logistics and Certificates

Lukas Mörtl
Software Lead

Larissa Huber
Communication and PR

David Gausch
Finance and Law