Carbon Coin

We call our financing model CarbonCoin.
With Carbon Coin also families that could not afford clean cooking technologies can now buy and use a super efficient cooking stove.
Currently efficient wood-saving stoves are not available under 50$. This is not affordable for people who live on 2$ per day. The main idea is that the stove creates coal which can be sold on local markets.

How does it work?

We produce our super efficient cooking locally in our workspaces and sell them for 5$ each. The original price is 60$.

To compensate the difference customers pay back with bio charcoal which they produce by cooking with our stove. 3 kg biomass becomes 1 kg bio charcoal. So, within 4-7 month our customers can pay back the stove. After that time most of the profit goes right to the family cooking, thus creating an additional income stream.

We provide the whole infrastructure of collecting and pressing the charcoal into briquettes which then are directly sold to institutions needing a lot of charcoal like schools and big kitchens.